Thursday, May 20, 2010

Patience is NOT a virtue!

I started this blog to kind of share the wonderful soapings, crafts, baking, and other entertaining things that I love to do. I embrace many philosophies and I will share those, too. For the most part this blog is about my passion of soap making and how exquisite and beautiful it can be...bubbles...lather...slippery....mmmm...ssooaapp!!

I have been soaping for many years now, around seven or eight years, I guess. I love it. My first batch started with only olive oil, water, and lye. Boy, has it has come a long way since then. Colors and fragrances, and failed batches. I actually never experienced defeat with a batch until a year ago and of course after the first failure there was a second right after and a third...well, you get the point. Recently, I have been neglecting my passion for more educational pursuits and realized that I was jones'n for some creative lather. Hence, I am hope'n the blog will help keep my creative side tame by sharing my creative suds here (plus, creating more often).

I ordered some fabulous supplies, I have run out of my stock and need to reload, and am waiting patiently for the truck with my box to appear. I am almost antsy with anticipation, but patience is a virtue, right? Wrong! it is a necessity, in this case at least.
So, I will be waiting, patiently or otherwise to see the ingredients to my next experiment in suds.

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