Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little crafty box

I got a random hair the other day and decided that the "storage" that we had in my daughters room for her books was just not happening. It honestly was the box we packed them in when we moved here a month ago. Since she is little and is climbing on everything I was not sure that a bookcase was such a good idea, she pulls just about everything over on herself. I found baskets and all sorts of plastic containers and fabric lined boxes...there's an idea... though not one of them screamed "little baby girl." Since my daughter is getting to an age where she doesn't need all her baby blankets, I thought it would be cool to cover a box for her books with a couple.
Her old receiving blankets were perfect, though I did use about one and a half blankets to cover the box pictured.

I started by measuring and cutting the blanket on the outside of the box, this way I was sure to know that it would also fit on the inside of the box. By the way, I love duct tape, for all kinds of things, this time it just happens to be holding the blanket in place while I work on the other side of the blanket.

I cut two long pieces, one for the inside and one for the outside, that fit from the top of one side of the box across the bottom and up the other side. Then I cut squares that fit each end of the box, again one set for the inside and one for the out.

Then, I fit the long piece into the inside of the box, trimmed the extra, and glued down the creases in the bottom first with a white school glue and weighted it with a good sized text book, who knew they would come in so handy. After that dried, I pulled the top over the sides and glued those, using my friend duct tape to hold it in place. I folded over the edges to the side squares and glued them before I glued the squares in place on the box. Those were also rolled over the top of the box and glued.
Then I repeated almost the same thing for the outside except I folded in the rough edges to give it a more finished look. Yep, again with the duct tape.
Here is the finished product, turned out nice, if I don't say so myself and it is the perfect size for baby books. Looks nice in her room too. Love getting organized (Well, trying to, anyway.)

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