Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You can Start to see the light

It is easy to close the blindes and keep the light out,
Out of your room, your feelings, your life.
The negative thoughts wallow and grow in the darkness.
It is easy to be where you are used to it,
and not even be aware that the negativity is there.
Feeling it, being it, never to see the possibility.
You keep yourself from the light.
Everyone wallows in the bad, the negative,
it catches attention, makes for great conversation,
but it holds us all back.
 Holds us back from our potential of being,
being positive and capable in our relationships, our minds, and our lives.
You can let in the possibilities.

And all you have to do is open the blinds.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cutest Little Critters

I was perusing Etsy yesterday and came accross the cutest little soap critters.  I just had to share them.
Pictured from top to bottom is Rabbit Soap by Bloom Decoration Soap,  Kids Colorful Bubble Amphibian by Hop is My Muse, 3 Sheep Soap - Cotton Candy by Twin Dream Creations,  and Scooby Doo Set of 12 Birthday Party Favors by Memory Kreations

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have been in college a long time, I mean a really long time.  Feels like an eternity since I started. Oh, waite, it was a lifetime ago.  I started college out of high school and took time off around my kids. My oldest is now getting ready to drive and my youngest turned two in December.  Boy, does time fly.  The whole graduation ceremony reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:
"The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get." 
Jim Rohn

It was an absolutley beautiful day to have a graduation.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vanilla Mocha Oh Yeah!

 This batch of soap surprised me. It could have gone wrong in sooo many different ways, and I honestly thought it did, a couple of times.  I learned some things from this batch that I haven't learned from others.

1. Remember art class from so many years ago, it can come in handy.
2. When in doubt, cure and cut anyway.
3. You never know what your going to get.

Ah, art class, not just time to screw around but to learn the color wheel, complimentary colors, and that your cly sculpture can explod in the kiln. To me I thought it was just fun and never thought I would retian some of that information.  I also never realized that the complimentary color thing would help me in soap making. 

Most of my soaps are made with a lot of olive oil, which has a yellow greeen hue to it, and I use palm oil (sustainable and Orangutan safe, of course) which also has a lovely yellow hue.  So when I was mixing the lye into the oils it did not occur to me that the cocoa powder I used would turn the mixture green, instead of the brown I was so longing for.  The complimentary colors of the color wheel popped into my head and I added the slightest bit of red oxide. And would you know it?!?!?! Brown. Deep beautiful chocolatey brown. 

The whole batch got layered with a coffee strip, I used real coffee grounds for the stripe and for a gentle exfoliating factor but I did not realize that it would smell funny.  Like a slightly foul conatiner of left over noodles stuck in the back of the fridge foul. Ewww! I thought I had killed the whole batch, it was setting up and there really was no other alternative.  So, it was wrapped and left to cure, smelly or not. I forgot about it, for like a week.  When I finally got around to cutting it, it smelled...good.  Like chocolate vanilla coffee with a little musk added in.  Kind of weird but better than I had thought it was going to. I cut the loaf into bars anyway.  Now that it is pretty much cured, it smells fabulous and I find myself sneaking a sniff whenever I get the chance.  
Like a chocolate bar with a hint of coffee.  Vanilla Mocha Oh, Yeah!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Information and another experiement

The little information part is easy,  I am taking any baking I do and putting it on my other blog. Foodylove.blogspot.com I think it should go there rather than here. :) Makes sense to me. There. Done.

Now on to the experiement. The thing that I did was a thing I have not done before but thought about many times.  Mixing Melt & Pour and cold process. Sounds easy, right? Well, I found out I was kind of wrong and well...kind of right, but I had a few other things happen I had not thought about.

I made my cold process soap like I always do and mix it at about 95 degrees F., added my fragrance at trace and tried to layer the M & P before I swirled it. I thought it would just swirl right in and that it would turn out like I was thinking in my head.
Sounded good to me.  Except I did not take into consideration two things; 
  1) My fragrence oil accelerated trace and,
2) M&P gets hard at lower temperatures

The accelerated trace was no big deal, I have salvaged many a batch from the dreaded sieze. But I was feeling a little sheepish for not realizing that the cooler temperature that I mix my CP at would have such an effect on the M&P.   I went to swirl like I usually do and stuck my knife into the batch and it was met with hard melt and pour. Ooops!
Overall, the batch turned out really well and it smells fabulous! Not quite the swirl I wanted but....a success afterall. (I do love the marble effect.) Next time, I'll try soaping at highter temperatures and swirling between layers.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sugar Scrubbie Experiment

This ones too hard, this ones too soft, and this one is too oily!!  Sugar scrubs that is.  I found a recipe for them on  the SoapQueen ( I do love the Soap Queen) and have always wanted to try to make sugar scrubbies.
I printed the recipe and gathered all my gear to try them the next day. The recipe wasn't bad I just thought it was a little oily and wanted to "adjust" the recipe to my taste. So I conducted a wee little experiment in order to find a recipe that was jjjuuussstt right.

Now, I probably should have used the same fragrance oil and mica for each one, but I am working under the assumption that the different fragrances will not reall have an effect since there is not a huge chemical reaction like making cold process soap.
I made three batches with different amounts of ingredients. The blue/green is the original recipe, it can be found here.  This is one is for comparison. 
The purple scrubbie is made with:                                     
 2 oz. clear M&P soap                                                                       
  1 oz of oil, I used Olive Oil                                                                
  6 oz Sugar                                                                                          
  25 drops FO and                                                                             
  1/8 tsp. lavender mica
Then the gold scrubbie is made with:
3 oz M &P soap
1.5 oz Olive Oil
6 oz Sugar
20 drops FO
1/8 tsp gold mica
After cutting and comparing each one I truely do prefer the the gold one.  Hands down!!!  It's jjuuusssttt right!! It cuts well, I think the extra M & P helped and it does not have the oily feel that the other ones did.  Now I have to remember with my next batch to thuroughly pack them into their molds. then it will be perfection!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Boy Does Time Fly

O.k. So it has been a while since I have posted anything.  I haven't been ignoring soap, actually the opposite, but I have, dispite my best intentions, gotten busy and unfocused.

Life got in the way.  It seems at times that it does that. 

So it is time to get back on the wagon and talk about some of my favorite things.  SSSOOOAAAPPP!  Amongst other things.  I should do it more often. This is something I do because I love to share.  My schedule will match my intentions and I'll post more often. Since life is a work in progress, along with this blog, I will make the time for it.
Hootie and Owlivia Soap Set - U Get 1 Hootie Soap and 1 Owlivia Soap - Cotton Candy - Great for Gift Giving - Party Favors - Baby Showers - All Occasions

Everyone meet Hootie and Owlivia
I love owls, they are wise, majestic, and slightly mysterious. Except these two; they are just the cutest soap owls. Love It!