Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is finally here!!

I live at a high altitude, so winter seems to last forever. When the temperature turned cold and snow fell in October, I danced out of bed to watch it fall. When it snowed in the end of May I almost cried.

When summer finally hits here (picture me jumping up and down for joy) it's like the return of a long lost love, stars returning to your eyes and a day-dreamy like haze flows over you. The sun warms your soul as the wind caresses your skin and your mind can think of nothing else but being in it's warm embrace.

So, needless to say when summer hit the valley last week, I did not hesitate to get out and get a tan, hike, run, and work on the garden. So much for unpacking and organizing but it is getting there (slowly). Winter can still overtake the warm weather so we get out and enjoy it whenever we can (especailly since it snowed yesterday).

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