Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sugar Scrubbie Experiment

This ones too hard, this ones too soft, and this one is too oily!!  Sugar scrubs that is.  I found a recipe for them on  the SoapQueen ( I do love the Soap Queen) and have always wanted to try to make sugar scrubbies.
I printed the recipe and gathered all my gear to try them the next day. The recipe wasn't bad I just thought it was a little oily and wanted to "adjust" the recipe to my taste. So I conducted a wee little experiment in order to find a recipe that was jjjuuussstt right.

Now, I probably should have used the same fragrance oil and mica for each one, but I am working under the assumption that the different fragrances will not reall have an effect since there is not a huge chemical reaction like making cold process soap.
I made three batches with different amounts of ingredients. The blue/green is the original recipe, it can be found here.  This is one is for comparison. 
The purple scrubbie is made with:                                     
 2 oz. clear M&P soap                                                                       
  1 oz of oil, I used Olive Oil                                                                
  6 oz Sugar                                                                                          
  25 drops FO and                                                                             
  1/8 tsp. lavender mica
Then the gold scrubbie is made with:
3 oz M &P soap
1.5 oz Olive Oil
6 oz Sugar
20 drops FO
1/8 tsp gold mica
After cutting and comparing each one I truely do prefer the the gold one.  Hands down!!!  It's jjuuusssttt right!! It cuts well, I think the extra M & P helped and it does not have the oily feel that the other ones did.  Now I have to remember with my next batch to thuroughly pack them into their molds. then it will be perfection!

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