Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Information and another experiement

The little information part is easy,  I am taking any baking I do and putting it on my other blog. I think it should go there rather than here. :) Makes sense to me. There. Done.

Now on to the experiement. The thing that I did was a thing I have not done before but thought about many times.  Mixing Melt & Pour and cold process. Sounds easy, right? Well, I found out I was kind of wrong and well...kind of right, but I had a few other things happen I had not thought about.

I made my cold process soap like I always do and mix it at about 95 degrees F., added my fragrance at trace and tried to layer the M & P before I swirled it. I thought it would just swirl right in and that it would turn out like I was thinking in my head.
Sounded good to me.  Except I did not take into consideration two things; 
  1) My fragrence oil accelerated trace and,
2) M&P gets hard at lower temperatures

The accelerated trace was no big deal, I have salvaged many a batch from the dreaded sieze. But I was feeling a little sheepish for not realizing that the cooler temperature that I mix my CP at would have such an effect on the M&P.   I went to swirl like I usually do and stuck my knife into the batch and it was met with hard melt and pour. Ooops!
Overall, the batch turned out really well and it smells fabulous! Not quite the swirl I wanted but....a success afterall. (I do love the marble effect.) Next time, I'll try soaping at highter temperatures and swirling between layers.  Wish me luck.

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